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June Round Up

Again another month has flown by before my eyes

June was abit of an unproductive and quiet month.  I had my front and back gardens done as they were in such a state and is now looking like it did about 6 years ago so cant wait to start using again and enjoy what is left of the summer.  My MOT on my car was due and passed (thank goodness as was worried it would cost me a fortune).

AJ and I met up with some of our friends in Aldridge, Walsall for a lovely meal at an Italian restaurant.  The food as always was lovely and we had a lovely time as it has been a while since we have seen them.

AJ and I enjoyed the company of AJ's dad and partner when they came to visit up.  I cooked lasagne and Eton Mess and we had a great evening.  We don't get to see Dad and his partner as often as we would like and it was just so nice to see them looking so well and happy.

My friend Sue and I had a lunch date at Jimmy Spices in Sutton Coldfield and we had a bit of a shop.  So nice to have a girly shop.  I also had another lunch date with my friend Chris in Ashby de la Zouch. 

Adam and I spent one Sunday morning shopping for a new fridge freezer (Freddy and he is gorgeous, if you can call a fridge freezer gorgeous) and also we had a stop off at the Starbucks in the Snowdome.  I had a lime cooler and it was so refreshing.  As usual I made Adam take a photo of our visit.  I must now have quite a few pictures of all the Starbucks we have visited over the past few years and I am one day planning to do a mini album of them.

I enjoyed the Jenniebellie Art sway in June and had some lovely Journal Pages from Sherry Lee in Illinois in the USA.  I am so enjoying the art swaps each month.

Craft wise, I have only done a few more pages of my 2014 Project Life.  I really must get off my ass and start photographing them and getting them on this blog. 

I haven't read any books this month and definitely haven't picked up a cross stitch which I was planning to.  art wise I only did art for the art swap and silly me I didn't even photograph it.

I cant believe that we are half way through the year.  Time is flying so fast and reminding me of all the things I want to do in my creative life.  I am the only one getting in my way.  I need to stop thinking and start doing.

Anyway Im planning on doing some book reviews in the next day or two of some of the books I have read this year and also I  want to start photographing some of my creative endeavours and getting them on this blog.

Recently I thought I might pack this blog in as I haven't posted as much as I would like, but something is stopping me and saying just get in a practice of visiting and posting.  I feel as if Im not quite willing to give up on Adventures in Pickle Land just yet.  Time will tell.

Anyway, good evening for now
Speak soon

Lesley xx



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