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Round up of February and March 2015

I cannot believe it is April and I haven't posted anything since 31st January.  My aim of doing regular blog posts have been shot out of the water.  I am quite angry with myself for letting this slip as I really wanted to keep up with a regular schedule and make good on a promise to myself.

Anyway better late than never, my round of February and March


February began with a presentation evening from the local Rotary club.  A few member of the cricket committee that I am on did a Santa walk before Christmas which enabled our cricket club to raise some funds.  The presentation was for the cheque presentation of the monies raised.

It was Valentines Day and AJ and I had a very understated evening.  We are not ones for going over board on Valentines Day.  we believe that you shouldn't have to wait until Valentines Day to tell someone you love them.  We did, however, exchanged cards and he bought me some lovely red roses. 

It was also Shrove Tuesday AKA Pancake day and we spent the evening at our good friends Sue and Rob and had pancakes at theirs.  Very yummy indeed. 

I met up with a couple of friends that I hadn't seen in a while and also met up with my usual (see weekly friends) friends this week. 

We had an evening out in Birmingham and had a lovely meal  in Brindley Place.  I am really getting to like Birmingham.  Even though I have grown up on the outskirts of the city all my life, it has only since being with AJ that I have started to appreciate it.  It has some fantastic places to visits, shops and restaurants and bars and AJ and I have made a promise to visit the city more often. 

I finally had my carpets fitted in my lounge/dining room, and the linos in the kitchen and bathroom.  It has been over 12 months since the flood from my bathroom and I finally feel as if my home is started to look better again. 

My brother R came up one of the weekends and as usual it was lovely to spend time with him.  I miss him constantly but I am glad he is doing so well in his job and loving the new area where he lives. 

In terms of reading I did complete reading two books :  those being The Summer at the Lake by Erica James and The Supreme Macaroni Shoe Factory by Adriana Trigiani.  I will post reviews in the coming weeks for these books which I both thoroughly enjoyed.

Creatively I have done Nothing.  I just seem to be spending all my free time on watching You Tube videos or reading blog posts.  Although, this is great, I battle with myself that I should be doing stuff rather than watching my favourite You Tubers doing stuff that I could easily do myself.  Not that I would want to film myself doing so though.

February (and March) also were months when I wasn't particularly well and I was quite poorly twice in those two months.  Touch would, I am feeling much better at the moment and the coming of Spring has really cheered mw up and gotten me out of a big depression slump I felt myself spiralling into.

Overall February passed by fairly quietly and I feel I didn't do or achieve anything interesting.


In March I went out for a few meals with friends from my Tuesday craft group.  I am really enjoying the fact that I am attending a craft group on my day off and they are a lovely bunch of people that attend.  We are mainly older people (I am actually one of the youngest), and we all do different things.  Some do card making, others knit, one does quilling, my friend Chris usually does stamping or creating some art, and I usually take something to do with Project Life or my newly discovered Pocket Letters. 

I also met up with a dear friend who I haven't seen in a while for a quick catch up before she goes on holiday to HK and Japan to visit her family.

My brother came up again for a weekend which was lovely, although on the last day which happened to be Mothers Day here in the UK,  I wasn't feeling very well at all and couldn't even manage to visit my Mother In Law.  My poor hubby had to go on his own. 

Operation Clean House stepped up this month.  It has been a major mission to get hubby to help me sort out things and the bain of my life "The Conservatory" is finally getting cleared out of all the junk that it has been housing for the past three years since by brother moved south.  The room also houses a lot of AJ's stuff that he needs to sort out and either chuck away, give away or store in our loft.  One day I will get my house back the way it was before AJ moved in.  HA HA

My friend S and I have started to host a craft group on a Thursday and a few people who haven't really dabbled in the arts and crafts have started to attend.  We did decoupage the first week and the second week, we upcycled some jars to make nice decorative tea light holders or in my case storage jars to house all my buttons and embellishments when I finally sort out my Arts studio AKA the black hole/bedroom 2.

In terms of reading I have started to read My Husband next door by Catherine Alliott and also I listening to an audio book by Debbie Macomber called 1105 Yakima Street which I actually started to listen to in December but annoyingly I had to return to the library as someone had reserved it and I couldn't renew it until now. 

In terms of crafts etc, not much done other that what I have done at craft groups.  Still watching loads of You Tube Videos and just dreaming of having the time, money and inclination to do all of the wonderful things I see. 

March went in a blink of an eye, and April is already here.

I am so glad it is Spring.  I really detest Winter.  Spring is all about rejuvenation and fresh starts and feeling good about things.  I feel like I want a fresh start and this is the time to begin.  I have loads of plans in my head and I really need to make good on the promises I make to myself regarding this blog and my creative life in general.  My favourite blogger/creative thinker is Jamie Ridler and she has so inspired me of late to really start looking at my life, the areas I hate, the areas I love and those areas that need to change or just  need some tweeking.  As Jamie says "Your Life is Your Studio", and I am really trying to take that On board in my day to day life.  It is up to me to start living the creative life I dream of.  And as Walt Disney said " If you can dream it, you can do it".  Don't you just love that quote.    I am going to create a poster of that and put it  up in my Art Studio. 

I must go now.  This has been a fairly long post, but it has been  so nice just writing again and sharing on this blog  I don't care if nobody reads this.  It is just a way of unloading all that I think and dream about.

I promise that I will share my reviews of the books I have read in the next few days or so and also start sharing a lot more of what I have created in the very near future.

Good evening from Pickle Land.
Hope to speak to you very soon
Love Lesley xxx



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