Monday, 29 December 2014


Today would have been my Dads 74th Birthday.

I miss my Dad so much, but especially this time of year being as his birthday was so close to Christmas.  Even though I have made new traditions with my husband and new family, I still miss some of the little traditions we used to have when my Dad was alive.  I know this is just life moving on but on days like today I feel a little sad for a time I once had.

I will never forget my Dad.  He was the best father and one of the nicest men I have known.  I am very lucky that my brother R is alot like him and also that my darling husband has alot of my Dads qualities.

Happy birthday Dad.  I love you forever xx

Saturday, 27 December 2014

New Year, Fresh start

At the beginning of the year I had all these plans for this blog.  I imagined regular themed posts, lots of scrapbooking and art and Project Life.  But all the best intentions in the world still didn't materialise what I wanted for this blog.

At the beginning of this year, I was still suffering from depression and anxiety, and to be honest, it has only the last few months I have felt really well in my self.  Changes in my work and working hours have helped tremendously.  I now only work four days a week giving me an extra day to spending time with my friend Sue and setting up L & S Decorative Arts.  It is a little venture in its infancy but we have some big plans for it in 2015.  Set work patterns starting in January will enable me to plan better my time.  And thus, I am hoping to plan my creative life better.

I haven't entirely figured out yet how this will manifest itself in 2015, but I definitely want to produce regular blog posts but with no pressure on myself to deliver on a set schedule.  I will however be making more time to do the things I love.  Art, art journalling, scrapbooking, Project Life and cross stitch is on the top of my lists for doing this year.  I've spent a year virtually collecting inspiration for the above and planning what I want to do but 2015 is definitely going to be my year of actually Doing.

I'm looking forward to a Fresh Start in my creative life for 2015.  I pray that this time next year I will be able to look back and be able to see a plethora of projects shared on this blog that I can be proud to showcase.  A fresh start sounds good to me on so many levels.  I'm so excited about the possibilities awaiting me.  I feel like I've been holding myself back for so long.  It's time to spread my wings and soar.  It is the time to allow myself the creative life I want for myself. 

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Happy Christmas

Just to wish you a very Merry Christmas and to let you know that come 2015 I have great plans for this poor neglected blog of mine.

See you in the New Year

Lesley xx