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Introducing Soda and Lime

Soda and Lime is my new blog showcasing a collaboration with my friend Sue.

The blog can be found at

I hope you take a look.

Good afternoon from Pickle Land

Love Lesley xxxx

Lazy Sundays

It is rare that I can just take a day off and just chill.  Today I decided that this day was just for me.  No housework, no cooking, no study (even though I have a deadline and have done nothing).  I bought some magazines (research for decorating and a project I've in mind), bought a cooked chicken and salad and have spent the afternoon watching chick flicks and Sex in the City.  I have so needed today to unwind and just think.  I have been more stressed out than I thought I was and I am so in need of a break (I'm off on holiday in a week and can't wait).  It is just nice to have a lazy Sunday.  It is was I have deserved for myself for a long time.

Random picture July 6th-Kiwi

I just love this little serene cat.  It would be lovely to be in her sleepy world.