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New Year goals and aspirations

I'm not great at New Years Resolutions.  I make lots of resolutions and never stick to them.  They are virtually the same every year, like loose weight, be more tidy and organised, look after myself more, be more sociable.  The list goes on.  But still each year I make the same resolutions knowing that by the 10th of January they are long forgotten.  However this New Year I am determined to see through some goals/aspirations and by the end of 2014 I can look back and actually say to myself I have achieved my goals this year.

This little list is my reminder of these goals/aspirations and a way of recording my progress.  They are in no particular order or preference.

In 2014 I would like to get health conscious and more active.  Becoming 40 is a bit of a big deal for me and not a number I'm looking forward to.  I don't want to start my 40's being fat and frumpy.  I know I need to loose weight for health reasons. I want to be able to buy some of the gorgeous outfits I've pinned on Pinterest. I want to feel good about myself.  I know that eating healthily and becoming active will be good physically and for my mental wellbeing.

As part of feeling good about myself I want to start making more effort with my appearance.  I feel I have let myself go over the last couple of years.  I haven't looked after my skin very well and it needs a bit of tlc.  I've got some nice skin products and my goal is to set up a proper skin care regime.
I'm also going to start wearing more make up.  I haven't updated my make up in years, so out of some Christmas money, I have treated myself to some new make up pallets with new colours to try.  I'm actually excited about make up again after so many years.  Discoveries on Pinterest and You Tube have fuelled my desire to try new techniques and looks.  Feeling good about myself is the main goal.  I know that feeling good about who I am will help me in terms of my depression and anxieties.  Feeling good and looking after myself is what I deserve for myself because as the L'Oréal advertisements go - Because I'm worth it.

I have been really disappointed with myself in 2013 in terms of my creativity.  I've hardly done any scrapbooking, very little art and journalling, I think I've only made two or three cards and I haven't wrote on this blog for months at a time.  I haven't shared what I have created when I have done something (like a canvas I made at a Finnabair workshop I attended in December which I loved).
My depression has completely zapped me creatively and as I wrote in my previous post in October, I haven't felt like doing much which is counter productive as creating art and scrapbooking makes me so happy when I create.  The past few weeks I have been feeling slightly better and I have great plans for 2014 in terms of the artistic journey I want to go on.  The Finnabair workshop I attended has definitely lit a spark in terms of canvases I want to create this year.  I want to journal more and sketch more.  I have got myself a big journal book and my goal is to fill it by the end of the year.  In terms of scrapbooking I have so many great photographs that I am dying to scrapbook of my brothers wedding in August 2013.  I've got so many pins for inspiration I have no reason to get creative block.  I also want to start doing Project Life this year, especially as it is my 40th year.  This year my hope is that I make time for myself to create something every week, whether it is a scrapbook layout, some art or Project Life.

A big goal or task I have set myself this year is 52 books in 2014.  More on this in a later blog post.

This year AJ and I have set ourselves a goal to be more sociable and go out more.  We love our own company but this has made us slightly insular of late and we have definitely neglected friendships.  This year we would both like to touch base with friends more, to invite people round and go out abit more often.  Life is too short to waste and I need to live it more and share my life with the people I love and care for.

Finally in terms of this blog Adventures in Pickle Land, I have gotten myself organised and have decided on setting myself a weekly and monthly schedule of blog posts.  I'm still not entirely sure what exactly I'll be doing but I am hoping to finalise in next day or two, so look out for this post soon.

Good Morning from Pickle Land
Hope to speak very soon.
Love Lesley xx


  1. happy new year Lesley looking forward to seeing more of you this year and catching up on all your plans for 2014 xxx


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