Sunday, 12 May 2013

Weekend crafting

This weekend I have had two whole days off which is such a rarity these days.  And being as AJ has been off playing cricket this weekend I thought I would spend a little time in my very messy craft room and do some scrapbook pages.  I am very pleased to say I have made two scrapbook pages and a small painting on canvas.  Unfortunately I can't find my charger for my camera so haven't been able to take some photos of them yet.  But I still wanted you to know I have actually crafted.  I feel very rusty at the moment but I really enjoyed myself.  so once I have found my charger or get AJ to take some pics on his IPad, I'll load pics up for you to see.  The scrapbook pages are entitled Take Me Out to the Ballgame and To Infinity and Beyond.  They are to be added to my album of our Disneyworld Holiday in 2012.

I have also been experimenting doing a little art so I have done a little canvas using a Donna Downey stencil.  Again I'll take a picture soon for you to see soon.

Mainly this weekend has been about spending a little time to myself without doing housework or food shopping.  I've read a few mags, caught up on some TV that I don't get chance to watch when AJ is around as he always has sport on, and basically just relaxed.  I feel quite refreshed.   I am looking forward to continuing doing some craft now that I've got back into it.

I hope to get the photos loaded soon and I hope to speak to you all very soon.
Good evening from PickleLand

Love Lesley xx

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  1. This sounds mega-creative and crafty, Lesley. I'll watch out for the photos - I'm sure they will be gread, from the description.
    It is nice to have a day to just chill out and relax - and to have two is even better! I hope you feel that your own batteries are re-charged - even if the ones in your camera are a bit run down! XX