Thursday, 9 May 2013

I am still here my little blog


It has been so long since I have visited you my little blog.  I have missed you but I just haven't been in the right state of mind to post anything.  I've had a bad few months, well actually to be honest the last year hasn't been good at all.  But I know I need to start coming back to what makes me truly happy and start creating again.  This weekend coming I have a whole weekend off and I am determined to create new things and highlight them on this blog.  My goal if nothing else is to post at least one scrapbook page.  Any more and that will be a bonus.  I truly hope I don't break my promise to you my little blog, but I do know that if I can't do it, you will understand, and that you will always be here for me, just waiting for me to start talking and sharing again.

With love from Pickle Land

Lesley xxx


  1. Too right we'll be here hun, hopefully the weathermans got it all wrong & you'll get some sun for your weekend off as well.

    Fingers crossed you manage to get your craft on & its lovely to hear from you xx

  2. Hiya! Lovely to see you again Lesley and I look forward to coming back and seeing your Lo over the weekend xxx

  3. Hi, great to see apost. Have uber fun crafting this weekend.

  4. You're back! Hello! I hope you are okay and that the next 12 months are a lot better than the previous 12! XX