Monday, 10 September 2012

10 on the 10th- Holiday to Slovenia and Venice trip

 Hi - It's Me.  It has been ages since I have participated in the lovely Shimelles 10 on the 10th, so for September I thought I would give you a bonus.  This time last year (almost to the day- we were in Venice on my birthday last year- 9th September) AJ and I was on holiday in beautiful Slovenia and we went on a day trip to Venice.  Therefore here is 10 pics of Slovenia AND 10 pics of Venice.

1.   Kransjka Gora - the beautiful village we stayed in
2.   Lake Jana - not far from KG
3.   Bled Cream Cake - from Charlies Cafe in KG
4.   Beautiful scenery of Slovenia (from Tastes of Slovenia day trip)
5.   Slovenias capital Ljubljana
6.   Sculpture in Ljubljana
7.  Vineyard surroundings ( we dinied outdoors in a vineyard surrounded by magnificent views of Slovenia
8.  My wonderful husband AJ
9.  Cafe Culture in Ljubljana
10.  Tired feet - Slovenia


1.  Beautiful carvings in the buildings
2.  St Marks Square
3.  Bridge over the Grand Canal
4.  View from Boat travelling into Venice
5.  The Bascillica
6.  Gondola
7.  Realto Bridge
8.  Sculpture - sogn towards Realto Bridge
9.  St Marks Square
10.  Gondolas

Hope you enjoy and speak to you soon

Love Lesley xxx


  1. What a bonus - double the sightseeing fun!

  2. Such gorgeous photos I would love to go to venice and now Slovenia having seen your pictures! Thank you great lists.

  3. Oh yes! I loved Venice too - it was such a short trip for me but I have photos of many of the same things. So fun to relive the adventure through our photos. Great post! :)

  4. Lovely photos - I was intrigued when I saw the feet on Shimelle's link-up, didn't realise it was you!
    I hope you manage to scrap some of them sometime.

  5. Belated happy birthday! Lovely photos :) We spent a day in Venice a couple of years ago, your pics brought back some happy memories - and now I want to go to Slovenia too!!

  6. Hi Lesley! Just popped by to see what was going on - and here is a lovely post about your holidays!
    What gorgeous photos... Must come back later, for a better look!

    Just to say, we're trying to plan another Bloggers' Weekend - do have a look on my blog, for more info. XX