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A quick hello

The past few weeks have gone so quickly and is all a big blur. My new job is going very well BUT I am just so tired at the moment I am just working, eating and sleeping. My brain is so taken up with learning my new job I can not concentrate much on anything else and I am finding it difficult at the moment to unwind properly at the end of the day. The things I love like scrapbooking, cross stitch and reading have been non existant of late and to be truthful it is getting me down. Tiredness is winning at the moment I'm afraid. I am hoping that I will settle down into the work routine soon and things will start getting back to normal again once my brain has taken all it needs to job wise and I can begin to switch off from it more.

I am hoping that the lighter nights and spring time will help me get out of this lull soon. I do miss doing craft but I am just SO Tired.

Good Evening from a down hearted (craft wise) Pickle Land.

Hope to speak to you very soon

Lesley xxx


  1. Aw Lesley, I'm sure you'll get some energy back soon - as you said you're learning so much new stuff, your brain needs to rest more to process it. Maybe plan a day when you're off where housework goes out the window, lunch is a quick sarnie/soup & tea is a take-away, giving you a few more hours to rest AND do something you enjoy. easier said than done I know.
    Hope your look after yourself darlin'
    (((big hugs)))xx

  2. Oh dear, it can be stressful, starting a new - and different - job. The dark and dull weather isn't much help either - you're right that lighter nights and sunshine help. You could try a good multi-vit/mineral supplement, with a course of echinacea and vitamin C tablets, to give your system a good boost and help your immunity, so you don't pick up any nasty colds etc, due to being tired. Try to go to bed at the same time each night and not to work late into the evening, or watch tv right up to bed time, as both of those things interfere with your sleep patterns. I find a puzzle book or an "easy" novel help me to feel sleepy, plus a drink of water, rather than coffee, a little while before bed time.
    As K says, your brain will be overloaded for a little while, but you need to take a little time for yourself. Eat healthy food and try to get a break every day - even if only a half-hour - where you can leave work behind and do something you like, even if only a cross-word puzzle. If you've had a break, you will be fitter for your work in the afternoon and more likely to sleep at night.
    Good luck with the job and I hope you soon start to feel more "normal"! X

  3. Hi Lesley I hope things are improving. I agree with the wonderful wise woman who came before me.... new jobs can be stressful, this time of year saps energy and life is really busy and things do get in the way sometimes. I go to bed at DS's bedtime occasionally as i get so tired.... I haven't made one scrapbook LO and we are 2 months in to 2012 how did that happen! Don't worry Lesley, it will get better and we are here xxx

  4. Hellooooo! Just to let you know I haven't forgotten your existence and I hope you're beginning to get to grips with everything. Will we see you back in Blogland soon? XX


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