Wednesday, 25 January 2012

January Update

Just a quick update

I started my new job on Monday 23rd . Yippee!!!!

There is a lot to learn and take in but so far enjoying it. Feels slightly strange going to work somewhere different as I spent the last 13 years going to one part of the town and now I am in another. Also really strange not sitting behind a desk in an office. (For the purposes of this blog I would rather not say where I work and what I do but it is something totally different to what I did before). But good all the same.

On the creating/craft front I haven't done anything for a while. I think once I get my self into the new working routine again my creating juices will return. But until then, I'm OK with that. I'm still looking in blog land and getting inspiration from so many talented people and I am constantly checking out My Craft Channel and 2 Peas which have some fantastic videos at the moment. Also my latest monthly kit from Sarah's Cards is calling me - "" Lesley - scrapbook me, scrapbbok me !!!!!""

In terms of my new goals for 2012, I'm working well on a few aspects but really bad on others. For example I've been making more contact with friends so that is a big tick, but reading and being creative is a big cross. I'm making more time looking after myself -ie looking after my skin, wearing make up etc but feel as if I haven't made much time for this blog.

I'm not going to beat myself up on it yet though as still only the end of the first month of the year. I still feel it is a year of More and starting my new job is a great new start for me.

A very good evening from Pickle Land

Hope to speak to you very soon

Love Lesley xx


  1. Congrats on the new job, it's good to set new challenges, and m glad it's a new chapter in your life :)

  2. Hi Lesley **waves** wheres my weekend catch up email ;-p I'll let you off, you're obviously busy & having a fab time which is great.
    I bet you're too tired to craft, snuggle up with a book etc at the moment having started a new job. You sound soooo much more cheerful hun, hope it continues.

  3. Yay for a new job and a new challenge! So glad it's going well - I hope you continue to enjoy it and learn loads!
    I'll still be in blogland, when you find your creative mojo again - until then, have a good February and don't overdo it. XX