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Welcome to Octobers Colour Blog Hop

If you have arrived from here you are in the right place

This months challenge is autumn/fall colours themed. Unfortunately for me I have been without internet for nearly a month(I'm sending this at my brothers) so I could not check the actual colours, so from memory I think this incorporates the colours picked for this month. Also due to a very busy schedule I have been unable to do any scrapbooking the past couple of weeks, so hope you don't mind but I have used an old scrapbook page I have previously published on this blog that I hope uses some of the colours.

please continue onto Jo's blog now

List of all participants are here

Hope you have a good day wherever in the world you are

Love Lesley xx


  1. I think it fits really well and the expression on his face really made me smile :0)

  2. I love those colors. That is a very cute layout! So glad you still participated. I hope the schedule calms soon and your internet is back up!

  3. You did great with the memory! Lovely take on incorporating the colors!

  4. No internet *gasp* poor you. I love those crochet flowers, gorgeous.

  5. Cute page. Like the trio of flowers.

  6. It's the first time for me seeing your layout and it's wonderful!

  7. Great layout and use of fall colors!

  8. It's lovely, anyway. I'll 'fess up and admit that I used an old LO too. Busy, busy!

  9. Wow, I hope you get your Internet back soon! Love the colors on your page!

  10. Nice - I like the way you broke up that short title with a flower - adds impact!

  11. You have a great memory! I hope your internet comes back soon! The layout is great, I love the color blocking with the patterned papers!

  12. Hi Lesley, hope you got home safe and sound. Thanks for letting me follow your car! I was shattered when I got home but it was worth it as I loved the weekend. It was lovely to meet you and hopefully we can stay in touch and be friends if you'd like to?


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