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Winner of Colour Blog Giveaway

The winner of my colour blog giveaway is Kirsty.a

Congratulations Kirsty

Kirsty please contact me - either via this blog or my e-mail

If I haven't heard from you by 1st July, I will pick someone else from the list, but hope you contact me

Sorry, to the other commenters from the Colour Blog Hop. However, thank you so much for all your comments. They were very much appreciated

I am unable to participate in the July Colour Blog Hop as I am not available on the 17th, but I will be participating in August.

Good Evening from Pickle Land

Hope to speak to you very soon

Love Lesley xx


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Happy Birthday to Me

Its my Birthday.  I am 42 years old.  Wow, how did that happen?????? Is still feel like I'm 21

Book Review January - The Broken Man by Josephine Cox

Josephine Cox is not an author I would normally pick, but I received the book as a present from my mother in law.

The main theme is about the consequences of domestic abuse.  It tells the story of Adam, a young boy who had to bear things no little boy should ever see, and also the tale of Anne who was abused by her husband.  Though the theme was about domestic abuse, it was wasn't graphic or gory which I was glad about.  The tale weaved between Anne's story and Adams story which interlinked, and was a fairly easy read.  I was slightly disappointed with the ending of the book and thought it hadn't fully ended the story of Anne and didn't even mention how she would have felt about finding out her husbands childs link to her best friend.  I also found the aforementioned coincidence too far fetched.

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Happy anniversary

Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful husband.

love you more as the years pass

love Lesley xxxxx