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June Colour Combo Blog Hop

welcome to the June Colour Combo blog hop

If you have arrived from Stephanie, you are in the right place!!!. If you are here and didn't come from the previous blog, I am listing the hops below my post so you can start back at the beginning if you wish.

I hope you like the layout I've done of myself and my friend Joanne who I have known all my life and we grew up as neighbours, went to school together and continued our friendship all these years (nearly 37). She was my maid of honour on my wedding and I was her chief bridesmaid at hers too. She is married to Chris and AJ and I have the previledge of being honorary Aunty and Uncle to Oliver and Grace.

This blog hop I am also offering a Giveaway to those who comment on my blog. Please leave a comment and I will pick One winner next Friday. The Giveaway is a kit of your choice from here. The Make and Create Shop is a fantastic place for home made embellishments by Anna, and I have purchased a few over the last few months.

Please continue with the blog hop by visiting Jo

Jo is one of my favourite blogs to visit and she has a cat called Willow too

Good afternoon from here in England and Pickle Land

I hope to speak to you very soon

Lesley xx

List of participants of this blog hop are as follows:

I hope all these link work and I apologise if they don't - Lesley xx


  1. the colors are perfect for this picture~great work!!

  2. I love how clean your colours look - I think i got a bit carried away with this one :0)

  3. Very nice! Love how everyone interprets the colors in such different ways.

  4. Love the strong blue background - works really well

  5. You can totally tell that you guys are such good friends by the photo! The layout is really pretty, too! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, too! :-)

  6. I love your treatment of the combo, those pins are just perfect and what a great layout you ended up with. Jen x

  7. Love that blue cardstock. The pins in the corner are also very cute.

  8. I love your project. There has been a few real nice one on this hop. You are so lucky to have such a great friend. Not everyone is as lucky:)
    mexicopetshop at hotmail dot com

  9. I love the contrast of the blue card stock with the patterned papers and embellishments!

  10. Love the cluster if pins behind the flower.

  11. love how dimensional this is, great use of the colour palette

  12. Love how your page is so nicely centered. Makes your photo pop out more! TFS!

  13. Cute embellishment cluster!

  14. Love the layout!!! The color pallette is SO evident!

  15. Great layout, the dark blue complements the colours perfectly


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