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Discovering the story behind the picture

Following on from Finding my scrapping mojo, journalling on layouts is becoming more important to me of late, as I am discovering how important it is to preserve my memories rather than just embellishing a picture.

When starting out scrapbooking a few years, I was only comfortable adding a few stickers here and there, keeping the layout minimal and just adding a date, place or name of person, and nothing much else. I was happy with that at the time as I was finding my feet, and even now just adding a date or persons name alongside a photo with no journalling is fine by me if the mood takes me and the photo being used speaks for itself. However, no I'm a tiny bit more confident in using lots of embellishments and about highlighting the story behind the photograph.

I want to preserve my memories more, to say how I felt about a particular incidence or place. I want to share my views of the moment (and about the past), and to journal a snapshot of my life now.

The Scrapbooking blog world is full of extremely talented scrapbookers who I admire greatly (and far too many to list individually). Alot of the layouts I like the most have journalling on their pages, beautifully written telling the story of the photograph used. The journalling doesn't have to be long, but they are really engaging and have really inspired me of late to produce my own journalling of late.

Thus, I wish I was this much into the scrapbooking hobby when I was planning and organising my own wedding in 2009. I so wish I had kept a journalling diary so that now nearly two years later I wouldn't be struggling to remember every last detail from my wedding day and all the months of planning etc. Laura of Lazy Dynamics is a scrapbooker I admire and has created many layouts of her wedding, preperations etc from her wedding last year, and her journalling really highlights beautifully how she felt about her special day. She has created her layouts quickly whilst her memories are fresh in her mind. My memories, because I didn't journal and keep a diary at the time are very much after thoughts and in hind sight. There's nothing wrong with that of course, but I just wish I had thought more about keeping these memories for my scrapbook pages now that this hobby has consumed my life.

The same is said for holidays I have taken over the last few years. I've got some lovely photos begging to be scrapped, but I am finding it extremely hard to remember details now. Again, I wish I had taken a scrapbookers view of my holiday and collected more memorabilia along the way and again wrote a travel diary to capture my holiday whilst fresh in my mind. This was expecially noticable when I tried scrapbooking a layout from a holiday in Canada in 2005. It took me absolutely ages to recall the place names and in which part of Canada it was. I can remember certain things, but the memories are becoming more blurred and escaping me more as the years go by.

This year, however, for a forth coming holiday, I am taking inspiration from Ali Edwards, Kelly Purkey, Amy Tangerine and Shimelle Laine to name but a few who all create beautiful travel journals whilst actually vacating so that they have very little to do when they come back home and whilst the memories are new. I have already started to create a travel journal to take away with me so I can make a start and hopefully have a journal complete within a week or so of actually coming home rather than waiting 7 years to remember things to capture on a layout.

I am still finding a happy balance in my journalling (and I suppose writing this blog is a form of journalling too). I know it takes practice, it is about finding my comfort zone and also finding a little confidence too in order to share details of my life with others who may view my layouts.

I'm actually enjoying writing again. I used to write all the time when I was a child and for some reason that is probably so deeply hidden inside me, I just stopped. By making an effort to journal on my layouts and to some respects write on this blog, it has renewed a deep need to start writing again. So by taking the approach of finding the story behind the photograph I'm going to just do that, and killing three birds with one stone. Making my layout mean more to those who may view them ( on this blog or in person), helping me to preserve my memories more creatively and to enjoy writing again. I am so enjoying the journey at the moment.

Good Evening from Pickle Land

Hope to speak to you very soon

Love Lesley xx


  1. I did try and leave a comment before, but I'm not sure that it worked. What I said was that this was such a lovely written post, you can tell you're enjoying journaling again. Also, I too wish I'd known scrapbooking when I got married:)


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