Monday, 28 March 2011


To be honest, I can't remember how I discovered Scrapbooking or even when exactly. I think it was through my best friend Chris when she was starting doing a scrapbook album for her granddaugter Jessie. I already made a few cards so scrapbooking was a easy step up from cardmaking.

Chris and I at first just made simple scrapbook pages- a photo ot two, abit of background paper and an embellishment here and there that we purchased from a local craft shop. This was the days before Hobbycraft came to our town. My first scrapbook was an 8x8 album of an holiday to Italy and the Dolomite Mountains. Looking back at it, it is very modest and I can see I've become much braver and more expressive. I still love this album though and it is so much better than just flicking through a boring photo album.

I've since completed a few more albums- a couple for friends who have had babies, a travel album for my friend who accompanied to my trip to Italy and an album dedicated to my second trip to Canada. I've also a full album of miscellaneous pages ready to be sorted. I'm still doing an album of my wedding and honeymoon.

I would say my scrapbooking hobby has developed more rapidly in the last two years. I subscribed to Scrapbook Inspirations (I so miss it) and Scrapbook Magazine. I found QVC and Create and Craft TV (fatal).

It's not just about creating pretty scrapbook pages. I love learning all about my hobby. It has help me develop an interest in photography. I've started to journal more and I am developing my writing skills (handy when I start my English degree in the Autumn). I've started to take classes- Shimelle, Ali Edwards and Big Picture Classes to name a few I've done recently. I've also recently subscribed to and visit Two Peas in a Bucket regularly, so now I have a vast video and podcast library to help me discover new techniques and creations to inspire me.

I've also created this little blog of mine to show case my scrapbook pages - reminder to self must actually take photos of pages to showcase- I've got a little bit of a backlog now as haven't shown any in the last month or so.

Scrapbooking above more make me happy and takes me away from the mundane work life I have. It is a hobby I love to share with my friend Chris. It is my way of expressing my arty side. I can't draw or paint for toffee, but I can arrange layouts and make them look pretty. It is a great way of preserving my memories for the future. It is just a fantastic hobby

Good Evening from Pickle Land

Hope to speak to you very soon

Love Lesley xx


  1. It is nice to look back at early scrapbook pages, isn't it? And it's nice that your scrapbook hobby has developed your interest in writing and photography. Enjoy!

  2. Exactly why I scrap too, to include my writing and photography. Visiting from Blogging from Scrapbookers! xoxo

  3. How interesting - thanks for sharing this :-) And yes please, do share some more photos of your layouts! xx

  4. Memories to treasure forever x x x