Sunday, 27 March 2011

Encore Valentine

I've loved reading Encore Valentine by Adriana Trigiani as I love the way she writes. I love the way she describes her characters and the places in her books.

Encore Valentine is a follow up to Very Valentine and continues the story of the Roncalli family and the many other colourful characters in the two books set against the Angelini Shoe Company. This books takes the reader to Italy, New York and Argentina and are beautifuly described. Her discription of the shoes alone makes me want to go out and buy new shoes and I'm not even a shoe person. Though saying that if it was a book set against a Hand Bag company I'll be in second heaven and probably very poor.

Encore Valentine is lovely read. It didn't take long to read and is a feel good book. I recommend this book to any Adriana Trigiani fan and to any one who loves New York, shoes and Italy.

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