Monday, 28 March 2011


To be honest, I can't remember how I discovered Scrapbooking or even when exactly. I think it was through my best friend Chris when she was starting doing a scrapbook album for her granddaugter Jessie. I already made a few cards so scrapbooking was a easy step up from cardmaking.

Chris and I at first just made simple scrapbook pages- a photo ot two, abit of background paper and an embellishment here and there that we purchased from a local craft shop. This was the days before Hobbycraft came to our town. My first scrapbook was an 8x8 album of an holiday to Italy and the Dolomite Mountains. Looking back at it, it is very modest and I can see I've become much braver and more expressive. I still love this album though and it is so much better than just flicking through a boring photo album.

I've since completed a few more albums- a couple for friends who have had babies, a travel album for my friend who accompanied to my trip to Italy and an album dedicated to my second trip to Canada. I've also a full album of miscellaneous pages ready to be sorted. I'm still doing an album of my wedding and honeymoon.

I would say my scrapbooking hobby has developed more rapidly in the last two years. I subscribed to Scrapbook Inspirations (I so miss it) and Scrapbook Magazine. I found QVC and Create and Craft TV (fatal).

It's not just about creating pretty scrapbook pages. I love learning all about my hobby. It has help me develop an interest in photography. I've started to journal more and I am developing my writing skills (handy when I start my English degree in the Autumn). I've started to take classes- Shimelle, Ali Edwards and Big Picture Classes to name a few I've done recently. I've also recently subscribed to and visit Two Peas in a Bucket regularly, so now I have a vast video and podcast library to help me discover new techniques and creations to inspire me.

I've also created this little blog of mine to show case my scrapbook pages - reminder to self must actually take photos of pages to showcase- I've got a little bit of a backlog now as haven't shown any in the last month or so.

Scrapbooking above more make me happy and takes me away from the mundane work life I have. It is a hobby I love to share with my friend Chris. It is my way of expressing my arty side. I can't draw or paint for toffee, but I can arrange layouts and make them look pretty. It is a great way of preserving my memories for the future. It is just a fantastic hobby

Good Evening from Pickle Land

Hope to speak to you very soon

Love Lesley xx

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Encore Valentine

I've loved reading Encore Valentine by Adriana Trigiani as I love the way she writes. I love the way she describes her characters and the places in her books.

Encore Valentine is a follow up to Very Valentine and continues the story of the Roncalli family and the many other colourful characters in the two books set against the Angelini Shoe Company. This books takes the reader to Italy, New York and Argentina and are beautifuly described. Her discription of the shoes alone makes me want to go out and buy new shoes and I'm not even a shoe person. Though saying that if it was a book set against a Hand Bag company I'll be in second heaven and probably very poor.

Encore Valentine is lovely read. It didn't take long to read and is a feel good book. I recommend this book to any Adriana Trigiani fan and to any one who loves New York, shoes and Italy.

Good Evening from Pickle Land

Hope to speak to you very soon

Love Lesley xx

Saturday, 26 March 2011

My Adventures in Pickle Land Journey - so far

Being as Shimelle's Blogging for Scrapbookers is having it's second run, I'd thought I'd give you abit of an update.

I started this blog in June 2010, after purchasing BFS class that month. (The orginal run was in 2009). It enabled me to set up the blog using the technical guide and have the confidence to just give it ago. I've enjoyed doing my blog, yet I still feel I haven't really started on my journey. I'm still finding my feet. I feel as if I haven't done enough scrapbooking and card making to showcase on my little blog which was initially one of the reasons why I started this blog. I feel as if I haven't developed my own style and that I'm still finding my own voice.

However, I'm not worrying about that. There is no rules to say I should be at this point after 9 months of blogging. I'm going with the flow. There are so many things I want to share and I am determined to really develop this blog in the next few months. I'd love it if I could increase my readership. I'm really happy to have 6 followers - 7 if you count my husband- and I even get a few visitors from abroad. This week I even had a visit from Argentina. Not bad considering I don't visit many forums and blog sporadically. Somehow, slowly, people are finding my blog. Even though I'm doing this blog for myself, it is really nice to know people are actually reading. If you are one of these people, please feel free to leave comments - even if to say hi.

Through BFS (both its forum and consequent blog hopping), I have been introduced to some fantastic blogs and thus fantastic women. I didn't realise how many talented and creative women there are around the world. Each blog inspires me in different ways. Some show layouts that I absolutely adore. Others suggest books that I've earmarked to read. Others have recipes, showcase fantastic photographs. I've been introduced to different products, brands and shops. I've been introduced to new classes and music and art.

I have learnt so much and I'm like a sponge and taking everything in. I'm loving my Adventures in Pickle Land. My blog and scrapbooking and my hobbies has become a little piece of who I am. A piece of me I've probably hidden for such a long time. It's nice not hiding anymore.

Good Evening from Pickle Land.

I hope to speak to you very soon.

Love Lesley xx

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Book of the Month- Eat, Pray, Love

There has been alot of hype regarding Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, especially as this book has been turned into a movie starring Julia Roberts, so I was keen to find out what all the fuss was about.

To be fair, I did enjoy the book. It is beautifully written and Elizabeth Gilberts descriptions of the places on her discovery journey makes you want to visit the places mentioned. The honest narrative is easy to read and being it was broken down into 108 short(ish) chapters helped alot for me to read it.

I've read a few blogs and articles which say how inspiration the book is and how the writers of these blogs and articles have found it life changing. I wouldn't go so far as that. I'm not inspired to run off the India and Bali (though Italy for me is very tempting) and go live in an Ashram and medicate and do yoga. Her descriptions of her meditations and chants and her spiritual awakening are interesting but at times I felt went on abit too much for my liking . But saying that it didn't distract me from the fact that this book is very commercial and I can understand why this book has been made into a film. I haven't seen the film, so I don't know how true to the book it is, and to tell you the truth, I'm actually not that keen to see it. I've my own pictures of the book in my head.

Elizabeth Gilbert is a very talented writer and I've seen her on TED and I do admire her drive. I look forward to what else she comes up with in the future

There is a follow up this book - called Committed, which I may or not read though as I'm more interesting in reading her other books. We'll see.

Overall, I do recommend this book if you want a book that is abit of biography/travel guide and romance all rolled up in one easy to read book.

I'm currently now reading Encore Valentine by Adriana Trigiani. Review to follow soon.

Good Evening from Pickle Land

Hope to speak to you very soon

Love Lesley xx

Monday, 14 March 2011

Instead of a card

Instead of a card, I thought I would create a little piece of artwork for my friend Barbara Z's Birthday. I bought an inexpensive photoframe from TK Maxx and used some of the February kit from The Make and Create Shop. I'm quite pleased with this. I hope Barbara likes it when I give it to her tomorrow. It looks better in real life, but as usual I decide to photograph it late at night when the light in my house is rubbish

The kit from The Make and Create shop is really good. I've done one layout with it (will show when can take a decent shot- which is my favourite layout ever so far), plus this picture and I've still to use alot of the contents. Definitely going to purchase the March kit this week.

Good Evening from Pickle Land

Hope to speak to you very soon

Love Lesley xx

Friday, 11 March 2011

Feeling better

Just to say, I'm feeling so much better after my tooth episode last week.

Hoping that this weekend, I can do abit of craft and catch up on a few projects that I want to show on this blog. I've missed creating.

Good Evening from Pickle Land

Hope to speak to you very soon

Love Lesley xx

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Tooth ache

Just a quick post to say I haven't been feeling very well. I've a absyss on my tooth and my face has really swollen up. On strong antibiotics to get swelling down and pain relief before I have any treatment done next week. It has really zapped me of any energy and I haven't felt like doing much apart from sleeping. I'm even off my food which means I must be feeling pretty lousy.

I hope to speak to you very soon when I'm feeling much better

Love Lesley xx