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Scrapbooks kits and other Sunday ramblings

Yesterday the Post Office delivered a parcel containing an embellishment kit I sent off from The Make and Create Shop that I ordered a week or so earlier as a trial to see what these kits consisted of.

This kit is called True Love and cost £6.00 plus postage. It was full of ribbons, hand made embellishments, fabric, buttons, journalling cards and thread. I think it is very good value for money and will definitely be purchasing further kits from this site again.

I've a few ideas of ways of using this kit with, so please come back here in the coming weeks to see what I have done

Also the February Sarahs Cards kit arrived yesterday too, which was absolutely fantastic, so I was in heaven yesterday oodling over papers and embellishments. I am really enjoying these Sarah's Cards Kits and I think this is one of the best ones I've had so far.

I'm blessed to share my hobby of scrapbooking and card making with my friend Chris, and I rang her almost straight away when this kit arrived to chat about what we thought of the kit as she too subscribes to the monthly kit. We were both excited and have some ideas of what we will be creating using this kit.

Pictures of Willow

Whilst I was on the computer this morning, my cat Willow joined me on the back of the sofa and slept. As I though she looked so cute, I decided to take a few photos of her. I just love her little pink nose xx

Also I've had an idea to post in the next few months, things I am loving at the moment, and I decided as my first post I thought I'd share a few things in my house that I'm loving today

I love Hearts at the moment, and I have this heart made from a gift tag on the door leading to mykitchen.

Inside the kitchen I have a picture purchased from Next a couple of years ago, which is a heart made out of pearl button with a bacground of a dictionary definition entry of the word Love.

Also hanging in my kitchen is a Horse Shoe that Chris and her husband bought AJ and I for our wedding.

I'm also loving Anthropologie at the moment and I purchased this L this month along with a B that I purchased for my friend Barbara's birthday. I'm going to get an A next month and will hang up above our bed when I get round to decorating my bedroom. Anthropologie has some great clothes and household items and I'm going to purchase sparingly as a treat to myself every so often. There are just too many nice clothes and housey items I want.

Good Evening from Pickle Land

Hope to speak to you very soon

Love Lesley xx


  1. Ooh, I saw those little kits - was it on SJ's blog? I was seriously tempted, but all my spare cash has been going into my 'Tim Holtz fund' for some retail therapy between classes on Friday!


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