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Our Third Place

In his book The Great Good Place, Ramon Oldenburg refers to The Third Place - a place away from the first place of Home and second place of work- a place of relaxation and creativity.
The Third Place is also refered to in the movie You've Got Mail

Our third place (together) is Starbucks.

We absolutely adore Starbucks. Aside from beverages, we are obsessed with Starbucks mugs - like the Christmas mugs we collect as stated in a previous blog post.
We find we can relax and have sensible conversations. We consider going to Starbucks as a little luxurious treat once in a while. We used to go once a month when we were first going out. That became less often over the last year or two, but we have decided to reinstate going to Our Third Place a little more often. Hence, this afternoon we went to Starbucks for a hour and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves


  1. What an interesting idea! I wonder what our Third Place is? Or even just mine, by myself? I'll have to give that some thought!


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