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NOT a Domestic Goddess - Part 1

Little Fairy Cakes

Chilli Chicken

I do not profess to be a Domestic Goddess. I am far from it. My brother R is more like Nigella Lawson than I am.

I do, however, wish I could be a better cook and be abit more creative in the types of food I eat and want to cook. I am great at buying cook books but I'm not good at actually cooking any of the recipes from them. I tend to stick to the same few dishes which are quick and easy to do like Spaghetti Bolognese, Chilli Con Carne and own made up recipe of Cheesy Pepperoni.

This year I'm trying to change that. I've acquired some great cook books from cooks I admire. Nigella (of course), Ching He Hueng, and Ina Garten are my top three at the moment, and I'm determined to cook some dishes from their books this year.

To start, last night I cooked Chilli Chicken from a recipe from Ching's Chinese Food in Minutes. I have to confess, I have cooked this before and has become a favourite of AJ and mine. It is so easy to make and tastes delicious. Probably not the most healthiest Chinese meal as it has alot of sweet chilli sauce in it and you fry the chicken, but even so, it is so yummy.

Next week, for Chinese New Year, I'm going to cook something else from one of her books. Haven't decided what yet. It will probably depend on what I can get from Win Yip (our local Chinese/Asian supermarket).

I also, decided on a whim this afternoon to bake some mini Fairy cakes. Again, totally unhealthy but hey, what the hell!!

I'm actually quite excited about cooking abit more. I need to start cooking healthy foods and to watch the portion sizes (a big problem with me as I love my food).

I'm not going to say I am on a diet, I'm just trying to be healthy and watch what I'm eating more in conjunction with more exercise.

I'd like to feel better in myself. Body and Soul.


  1. Yum! These look good to me :-)

    Like you, I have a large collection of cookery books, articles torn from magazines, jottings on pieces of paper or in notebooks etc, which I love to look through, but I never got round to making the recipes! What I did was create my 'recipe jar'; I went through the books etc, noting down on slips of paper the name and location of recipes I wanted to try. I put the slips into a jar, and each week before doing my supermarket shop I pulled out a slip at random, looked up what ingredients we needed, and added them to the shopping list. I did that at least once a fortnight throughout last year and we've discovered some new favourites that way! I'm doing it again this year, too :-)

  2. Great idea of Humel's, I shall try that myself, as you know, I also get bored of eating the same old favourites. As for being a domestic goddess, do you really want to know how long I have been laughing for?


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