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Date Night

One of my wishes for 2011 is to spend some more quality time with AJ. Just the two of us. My wish is that we make time together - away from our house- and to enjoy ourselves doing something different from the norm. Hence "Date Night".

This afternoon (well being as it is a Bank Holiday in the UK), we decided to go on our date and visit the local cinema. We went to see Little Fockers - the third in the Meet the Parents franchise. I have heard a few negative reviews of this movie, but I'm very much of the ilk that you make your own opinion on such matters. Although not as good as the two previous films, AJ and I enjoyed the movie. I think Robert De Niro is just fab as Jack Byrnes and Dustin Hoffman makes me laugh too.

We decided to have something to eat after the cinema whilst we were in town also, so we had a nice meal in the local Wetherspoons, and now we are at home, snug and warm for the rest of the evening. I taped Miss Marple from last night, so we will cuddle up on the sofa and enjoy our last night before we return to work after the holidays.

I'm hoping that we at least make time to go on a date night once a month. It may be the cinema again, which I don't mind as we haven't been for such a long time and I really did use to love movies and there looks to be a few good movies coming up in the next few months or so.

Good Evening from Pickle Land
Hope to speak to you soon

Love Lesley xxxx


  1. That's a great idea :-) It's so important to set aside quality time with each other, it's something we want to commit to more, too. We enjoyed a takeaway together tonight, which was lovely, but it's good to get out of the house together!


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