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Firstly, let me say Happy New Year and wishing you a great 2011

What 2011 will bring me I don't know, but I'm determined to embrace life a bit better than I have been doing of late.

One thing I am absolutely sure about is that want to blog more and develop this little blog of mine. I'm a little un certain how I want to go about this but so far I've come up with a few ideas

1) Layout of the week - Every Sunday

This is because I sporadically scrapbook so in giving myself a challenge of creating a layout each week, I'm hoping itwill spur me into being a bit more creative.

2) Card of the week - Every Saturday

As above, to spur me into creating some cards and partly because I'm hoping to build up the courage to possibly sell some cards

3) Photo of the Week - Every Tuesday

I took a photography course last year and this is to challenge me to take some photos and develop my skills

4) Book of the month- end of the month

Each month I am determined to read at least one book ( and possibly two) and I would like to let you know my thoughts about it. I used to be an avid reader and again this is to challenge me into reading

5) Not the Domestic Goddess - a post sometime in the month

I'm determined to cook more this year and also be healthy. This post will be all about me trying new recipes and how I'm going about becoming healthy and trying to get fit.

I'm still thinking of some ideas about posts and setting myself little goals - partly to get myself organised and also to challenge myself as I feel I've become really lazy of late.

I'd like to start these new posts from Saturday 8th of January, so I hope you will take the time to read my blog and also please feel free to comment as I value your opinion in helping me develop this little blog of mine. I feel it is starting to become a good friend to me

Good Night from Pickle Land
Hope to speak to you soon

Lesley xx


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