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Listening to music to Internet Shopping

Photograph taken 1st October 2010 - Lesley Guest

Still catching up with myself at the moment, but have managed to do 7 of my LSNED layouts

September 12th - Listen to Music

Lessons learnt today:

It's been a long time since I have listened to my cd's

Spaghetti Bolognese is still one of my favourite meals

That time really does fly - I've had four days off and it has gone in a blink of an eye. Unfortunely it is back to work tomorrow and the time is bound to drag

I'm really fed up with my house at th moment. I sometimes wish I could completely empty it, get rid of everything (not including my husband in this so don't worry AJ) and start again fresh with new furniture and everything

September 13th - Still clock watching

Lessons learnt today:
I'm still clock watching at work - bad thing to do as makes the day go twice as slow

That the buyer of Adam's flat doesn't want to purchase the furniture so we will need to get rid of it. Where on earth am I going to put it, our house is full to the rafters already?

My friend Chris's grand daughter Ella is enjoying school- she started Infant school last week and she has settled in really well and is loving it. It only seems five minutes ago since she was born

September 14th - Remember

Journalling reads:

Maybe it's because I've become the same age as when my Mom was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer, but my Mom is on my mind lately

Lessons learnt today are:

I'm thinking more about my Mom lately. Maybe it is because she was only 36 when she was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer and I've just turned 36. Did my Mom realise when she was 36 she would only have 8 more years left to live???

I've noticed that a certain person at work (no names mentioned) is even ruder than usual. He has always been rude, but he is down right despicable. I hate rudeness. It takes nothing to be civil with someone.

A quick e-mail to a friend has generated an invite to ours to catch up. It has been ages since we last met up and AJ and I are really looking forward to seeing Lu again. It's been far too long since we have seen each other and long over due

September 15th - Present Buying
Jounalling reads:
I'm finding it hard to think of intersting presents for my husband, especially when he doesn't really know what he wants

Lesson learnt today;
I am finding it increasingly more difficult to come up with interesting presents for my husband and as he doesn't really know what he wants yet I'm finding it hard to come up with a Birthday present (his Birthday is in October) and I've got to start thinking about what I can get him for Christmas too

September 16th Got paid today
Journalling reads:
It was a surprise as thought wasn't until tomorrow that I got paid this month

Lesson learnt:
That being paid a day earlier than expected is a pleasant surprise. I though I was to be paid tomorrow

September 17th - Funny black mood
Journalling reads:
I can become in a bad mood very quickly
(I know it is gramatically good English but it is how I speak - Pickle language)

Lessons learnt today:
That my mood is very dependant on the moods of others. For example the person who I mentioned before who is rude always seems to be in a mood of late, so I seem to pick up on his mood, which sends me into a mood

Having guests at the weekend has forced me to do the housework

September 18th - Internet
Journalling reads:
Internet shopping at Waitrose saves us at least 2 hours on a normal shop

Lessons learnt today:
Doing the monthly grocery shop on line has saved us at least 2 hours of time that can be spent n doing something else - such as going to the gym( must do that - lol) or play on wii or catch up on house work (must do that too - ha ha) or just relax and watch tv or read a book

It is great to have guests over to visit, especially when they bring the most fantastic chocolate cake which was demolished before I had the chance to take a photograph. It was lovely to see Mand and Aimee

It is nice to have a really long chat with my brother about our parents- it is very rare

Chilli chicken is becoming one of my favourite meals

Hoping to catch up with the remaining LSNED layouts in the next week and will share as I do them.
As a teaser lessons learnt will be on Lie ins, Pasta Sauces, wanting a Kindle, invite to a 60th Birthday lunch, The Great British Bake Off, a parcel arriving, becoming a student, Chinese meal, Costco, Hershey chocolate syrup, only three months to Christmas, Pop cakes and Podcasts

Good Evening from Pickle Land
I hope to speak to you soon
Love Lesley xx


  1. Great post, so interesting round up of lessons. I'm sorry to hear about your Mum, that was really poignant. And I'm sorry to hear about the person at work, too xx


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