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Toe nail painting and how to use the microwave

In making the presents for Chris and Jo, I have been sidetracked from creating my layouts for Learn Something New Every Day. However, I have been keeping notes of lessons learnt so that when I come to create them I'll have a reminder

For day three and four of LSNED

Yesterday I learnt

Why paint my own toenails, when I have a wonderful husband who will paint them for me!!

That our new neighbours have moved in - haven't met them yet though

Ameretto biscuits and nougat are a good combination

I now have a back up plan if the buyer of AJ's flat decides NOT to purchase the furniture

My friend Mandy has a new job and is excited to go clothes shopping even though they are for work clothes - Mandy and Ceal are currently in Adelaide, Australia

That Grace (Jo's little girl) stumbled whilst having a paddy and has bruised her nose and face. Luckily she didn't break her nose. Saw her today as doesn't look as bad as I imagined though!!

Today I learnt

That I am very content just pottering around all afternoon making presents for my friends

I am more creative than I give myself credit for

How to use the new microwave on my own - this one is digital, my old red one you turned a dial

My friends Jo and Chris liked the anniversary card I made them - they have been married 11 years today

That I had forgotten how nice sweet potatoes tasted

Good evening from Pickle Land. Hope to speak to you soon

Lesley xx


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