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Time flies

It seems ages since I have blogged and the last two weeks have just gone in a total blur.

I haven't actually been enthused to do much lately and hence I' feel I haven't done anything to really share on this blog. I'm actually not feeling too guilty about this though, as I think most people have periods in their busy lives when they feel exactly the same, and I've had alot on my plate lately

However I do feel I can share the following

On the work front, both AJ and I are experiencing unsettling times. We both work for local government and impending central government cuts means that budgets will need to be cut and jobs may go as a consequence. Being as we both work in the same building, this doubles our risk of one or both of us being made redundant in the very near future. It is worrying for us both as currently we have two mortgages (we are in the process of selling AJ's flat) and two lots of bills. If one of us is made redundant we probably will just about manage, but if both of us loose our jobs, we will really struggle. We have already said we would take any job jus to make ends meet.

We are trying not to let it worry us, but it is hard not to, especially when the UK is still recovering from recession and good jobs are hard to find. We are both emotionally drained of late and the uncertainty is the worse thing. We have put things on hold - like booking the expensive exotic holiday we had planned for next July, getting a new car, moving house and even having children (not that we wanted them at this very moment anyway ha ha!!!).

We have decided to try and treat ourselves though, and still enjoy life as well as we can and continue to do the things we enjoy ( apart from the really expensive plans of course).

I've booked myself on a scrapbooking retreat in November 2011 with Sarahs Card Ltd ( I know it is 14 months away but it is great to have something to look forward to, and AJ said just go fo it!!!! plus I've nearly a year to pay it all off).

AJ will still be purchasing his season ticket for Aston Villa- leaves me free afternoons to scrap and craft

Even if we can't go on the expensive holiday next year, we still plan to have a few weekends away - London to see Peter Kay at the O2 Arena next April is already booked and paid for, and I'm hoping to take AJ to visit Liverpool and I wouldn't mind going somewhere near the seaside - possibly to Brighton and Hove to visit a cousin I haven't seen in a few years.

On the personal front, I have started a new college course. It is Photography for Beginners and it is only for 10 weeks, but I already know after just one week I'm going to love it. I've signed up to do it along with my brother - who would like to make a career out of photography. I just want to do it so at the end, I can hopefully take better photos for me to scrap and share on this blog. Most of all I just want to have fun with a hobby that I'm getting more of an interest in since I've been scrapbooking.

On the LSNED front, I haven't done any layouts- hence no pictures this post, but I've been keeping my notes up to date daily and will share my layouts and lessons learnt once I've made a start on the layouts. I'm planning to have a scrapbooking session this weekend so hopefully I'll be up to date by this Sunday.

In terms of the Book of Stories class by Big Picture Classes, I've been trying to think of stories I can turn into layouts. The daily e-mail triggers have been great at prompting memories which I can turn into journalling on my future layouts. I'm looking forward to the next lesson in a few days time to work on and to develop a better process of storing these memories and stories.

On the scrapbook/card front, I've only made two cards - for AJ's birthday- one from me and one from the cats (I know I'm sad- Ha ha ). Obviously I don't want to show until after his birthday in October as AJ reads this blog, but will show you after his birthday. I haven't done any layouts but hey ho - the supplies aren't going anywhere.

I apologise for this lengthy wordy post, but just wanted to keep you up to date as much as possible of what is going on in Pickle Land. I feel my lull is slowly clearing and I'll be back to my old self soon.

Please take care, and I hope to speak to you very soon

Love Lesley xx


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the job worries - I do hope things work out OK xx

    And you're totally right not to feel guilty about only blogging when you want to and when you're in the mood for it. I go by the mantra 'Blogging Without Obligation' - my blog works for me, not the other way around. I'll be here whenever you have something to share :-)


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