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Clock watching to chick flicks

September 6th - Clock Watching

Journalling reads:

Clock watching serves no purpose. It just makes time go much slower

Lessons learnt today are:

That I seem to be clock watching alot at work. At the moment work is getting me down and don't exactly want to be there and I wish it is 5.10pm at 9am. Clock watching, however, serves no purpose as it just makes the time go even slower

It is nice to catch up with a friend I haven't seen for a few weeks

On reflection, I haven't seen alot of my friends for a while recently and I really need to rectify that

That I have become insular lately- not always a good thing

It is National Payroll week( I even get spam e-mail at work) - which coincides with the Tax Office saying that mistakes have been made and some people may owe tax. Hope that isn't me or AJ

I attended my Lifestyle assessment and learnt that I weigh less than I did when I started the programme. However, I personally feel that I haven't done enough and I should have lost alot more.

That I am constantly letting myself down

It is really hard to drive when the rain is pounding on the windscreen

September 7th - Pouring

Journalling reads :

At the moment, it seems it never rains but it pours in the Guest household

Lessons learnt today are:

It seems that at the moment, it never rains but it pours in my house

Sometimes I need to look at the world through different eyes (my brother said that to me today as I was complaining about where I live and why I didn't like being there)

That I have forgotten alot of history from my school days. How could I forget that it is 70 years since the Blitz began

That AJ's step grandfather Peter is still awaiting a date for his operation as the surgeon cant give a specific date - see reason below

That the media is not telling the whole truth about the war in Afghanistan.

The reason why the surgeon can't give a date for Peter's operation is that alot of injured soldiers (more than the media make out) are coming to the QE and Selly Oak hospitals with horrific injuries and that they rightly are being given priority over an 81 year old man. Even Peter himself would say that these brave soldiers/ service men and service women should be operated on first.

That AJ is better in a crisis situation that I thought he would be

I really really HATE driving - see post for 8th September

September 8th - Damage

Journalling reads:

Lesson 1: It's only a piece of plastic and metal. At least you wasn't hurt

Lesson 2: It doesnt look much damage but it's going to cost the man/driver that bumped me £400 to fix as there is more damge to the boot than you can see

Lessons learnt today are

That my car really is only a piece of metal and plastic and that I shoule be grateful that AJ and I weren't hurt at all.

Last night a van driver ran into the back of me whilst I was pulling out of an island. The guy was very nice and apologised and admitted he just never saw me. Luckily for him it was his father's business's van so his father is going to pay for the repairs of the car wihout going through his insurance. It is going to cost him £400 as there is more damage than you can actually see and needs a new bumper and the boot needs to be rapaired as the bump lifted it and slightly crushed it. I was very cautious sorting this all out as was abit apprehensive about not going through the insurance but the guy has paid the garage upfront and I just need to take it in on 20th September.

That too many people think I should put a claim in for injuries caused by my bump last night - even though I suffered absolutely no injuries. Why has the world become a PUT A CLAIM IN society? I'm far too honest!!!

I can use my car still - the damage doesn't affect the drive - thank goodness

My father in law Nigel is in Salou after riding through France and Spain on his motorbike. He rang to wish me Happy Birthday- bless him!!

I have no confidence in my driving - not necessary a new thing I've learnt, but having the bump (even though NOT my fault) has dented my confidence even further

September 9th - Age 36

Journalling reads

I had some lovely gifts from family and friends

Lessons learnt today:

That AJ bought me a purple/lilac bead to go on my Chamilia bracelet - I knew I was getting the bracelet as he needed to check my wrist size but I didn't know what bead he would choose. He picked the right one for me as lilac is one of my favourite colours and it symbolises our colour scheme at our wedding. He was looking for a wife bead but dont think there is one

As usual he picked a lovely Birthday card

That I had some lovely cards and gifts from family and friends for my birthday

That I am 36 years old today and I'm not particularly happy about it- for some reason I feel very old - doesn't help that my lovely husband is over 3 years younger than me

That I absolutely adore Starbucks and have missed going- haven't been in ages. Treated myself to a Caramel hot chocolate with cream and a Skinny Blueberry muffin- as if that is going to help when Ive had all that cream. It was also nice meeting my brother there - along with AJ of course

That it is great taking some time off from work and doing nothing in particular - even took a nap in afternoon to recharge batteries

That I have some exercises to do for Book of Stories course from Big Picture Scrapbooking

That the Thai red curry I ordered was hotter than I remembered it was from the last time I ordered it from the Chinese takeway. Very nice though

That my Thai curry wasn't as hot as the dish my brother chose. He only took a couple of mouthfuls and his eyes were watering and he was sweating buckets - very funny to see!!!

10th September - Fab

Journalling reads

And it really is !!

Lessons learnt today

That I seem to go into bad moods very quickly these days and often for no real reason

I really do like to go to Solihull shopping - even though I don't like the drive along the motorway

That there is a shop in Touchwood called Fabulous which sells gorgeous jewellry. It sells Lola Rose jewellry and I just had to buy a Lola Rose necklace with my Birthday money. It is scrummy!!!! And Fabulous really is FAB!!

That pictures do trigger memories. Had a e-mail trigger from Karen Grunberg - Book of Stories and it brought up good memories of my Dad and his allotment

That a Shake Away maltesers milkshake has absolutely shed loads of calories so shall not be having another one of those for a long time

That you really can get your monies worth with a £6.99 all you can eat buffet from Pizza Hut

I can spend hours in John Lewis if given the chance

That the mobile tyre fitter that AJ used to sort out his puncture was very prompt and did an excellent job. Remember to put in the memory bank just in case we need to use again

11th September - Chick Flicks are Good for the Soul

Lessons learnt today:

That Chick Flicks are good for the Soul. Haven't watched a chick flick in ages

Learnt a little bit about Greece from Driving Aphrodite (chick flick). Makes me want to go to Greece

Sometimes I am comfortable with my own company. Other times not. Today was NOT!!

That I don't eat much on a Saturday when AJ goes to cricket. When I do it is really unhealthy food like the half a dozen chocolate brazils in the afternoon and a plate of chips with mayo for tea

I can watch TV for hours and not realise the passing of time. Why can't it go so fast at work?

I could watch the Hairy bikers forever. They are great fun and the food is good too. Chicken paprikash is fantastic

Over all this week has been a mixed bag and I've learnt alot. It hasn't exactly been a good week but it hasn't been a bad week either. I've a lot to be grateful for and alot of things to ponder on.
I've felt low and I've felt high. This is a typical week for me and through working on LSNED I've been looking at the world a little bit differently or trying to at least ( as my brother reminded me to the other day). I just need to remember to learn from this week the lessons and take them with me along this journey of life

Good Evening fom Pickle Land

Hope to speak to you soon

Love Lesley xxx


  1. Belated birthday greetings! Love your round-up of lessons learnt - but I'm so sorry to hear about the car accident, so relieved you're OK xx


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