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Holiday to Austria

For the last week, AJ and I have been on a much needed holiday to beautiful Austria. We decided fairly last minute to take a holiday away rather than spend at home and both agreed to return to St Johann in Tirol where we had our first holiday together two years ago.

We have had a fantastic time. We visited Zell am See, Innsbruck, Berchtesgaden and the Kehlsteinhaus in Bavaria in Germany, experienced a Tyrolean evening, attended a strudl doo and a local brass band concert as well as enjoying St Johann in Tirol. Below are some highlights of my holiday.

Now, I've lots of photos and memories to scrapbook over the summer. I especially love the picture of AJ - on the funtrain in St Johann in Tirol. That's definitely got to be scrapbooked.

Also, looking forward to Shimelle Laine's new online class which starts tomorrow. Hopefully I can use some of my new photos on the course.

I'm definitely not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow but I'm sure that is just post holiday blues after having such a lovely time away. Maybe looking on the internet and planning the next holiday might help!!!!

Good evening from Pickle Land. Hope to hear from you soon
Love Lesley


  1. I *love* the Tirol :-) We holidayed in Pertisau (Achensee) last summer, and it was just fabulous! We visited Innsbruck too but mostly stayed near the lake - I so want to go back and explore more of this beautiful country :-)


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