Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Starting out

Last Sunday I decided to stop dreaming of setting up a blog and actually do it.

I had been looking at the link for Blogging for Scrapbookers at for ages and even though as usual I was too late to enrol when it was live, decided that the course would at least springboard me into setting up "Adventures in Pickle Land" and that I could go through the prompts in my own time and at my own pace whilst I am finding my feet.

Hence the last few days I've been doing a few scrapbook pages that I can add to my blog, took some pictures requested in the course of which much mayhem was created as Kiwi and Willow thought it was a game and started lying on my scrapbook pages and trying to get in the photos. Very cute though.

This pic signifies the start of my journey. As you can see, it shows my folder that I am keeping my notes in, a notepad, my laptop, a scrapbook page and some papers and embellishments I've been using of late.

As mentioned I have also been doing a few scrapbook pages the last few days
Last September I got married to AJ and am only now getting round to scrapbooking some of the photos. Here are a few I've been working on

The papers and most of the embellishments used are from Cosmic Cricket Ever After range

I'm not used to photographing my scrapbook pages yet so please forgive my dining room table as the background. Any tips on photographing pages would be greatly appreciated.
Finally, I thought I'd introduce you to Kiwi and Willow. I absolutely adore these two beautiful crazy cats and they have bought me such joy since I got them in 2008.

Kiwi is the black and white cat, and Willow is the tabby. To me they are the most beautiful Ickle Pickles in the world.
Good evening from Pickle Land and hope to speak to you soon
Lesley xx

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