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The Ickle Pickles

If you had asked me a couple of years ago if I was a cat or dog person, I would most definitely have said dog. However that all changed thanks to a cat called Fudge.
Fudge started to visit us in the summer of 2008. We knew he wasn't a stray, but was visiting us because his owners has a new kitten and he felt left out, and we obliged him by giving him abit of attention and fuss. Fudge made us think that having a cat wouldn't be a bad idea and to the delight of my friend who volunteers at the local Cats Protection League we decided to get a cat. Our friend recommended to us, that as we work all day, it may be a good idea to get two cats so that they would keep each other company, so hence we decided to get two cats.

When we visited the Cat shelter, a little black and white cat who the shelter called Molly who we decided we were going to call Kiwi came and greeted us and instantly we fell in love with her. She had a little 3 month old kitten who the shelter called Diddy who we decided to name Willow ( Molly had been abandoned by someone who left her on the road with a can opener and a tin of food along with her kittens, but when she was picked up, only one kitten was left), and as we agreed not to seperate them, we adopted them from the shelter.

We absolutely adore our two little cats. Generally they are well behaved and each melts our hearts everytime we see them.
Now if you ask me if I'm a cat person I'd definitely say I'm a cat person.


  1. hiya lesley and welcome to blogland. loving the cats especially as my persian is also called willow!!!! g8 minds think alike. there are loads of cool blogs to find, give urself time to look around and make decisions about what u blog. we are a friendly bunch and are always happy to help in any way possible. happy blogging
    Jo xxxx

  2. Aww, what cute Ickle Pickles!! Lovely to see some of your work, thanks for sharing :-)


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