Adventures in Pickle Land Blog Re-Launch

Today is my 44th Birthday.  A day I have literally been dreading for years.  44 is tha age when my Mum passed away.  It's the age that I associate with her untimely death and the age I was worried I would never get to as I had it in my head that I would never reach it.

However, I have had a lovely birthday weekend, spent with some of the people I love the most in this world.  I have been spoilt and felt very loved.  And my dread has disappeared.

I am now full of optimism for the future and I've made the decision to not worry about my age anymore and to live as well as can be and to the full as much as possible.

Today marks a turning point, and feels the right time to re-launch this little, poor, neglected blog of mine.

In my last blog post, I mentioned I was going to start blogging again mid September, and it's coming up to mid September so I thought I would write this little introduction to my blog and what I would like to show case on this blog going forward.

I am Le…

Blog failure and renewal

Just over a year ago I was feeling OK with my life and felt like my mojo was coming back and then BOOM.  Creativity left the building and decided to take a very long hiatus.

I'm making no excuses.  I have been lazy, demotivated and had no will power to change my creative situation (or lack of creativity).

But as always, this blog whispers to me and says " come back" and I have been slowly getting to a point when I feel like I want to create and renew this blog.

I'm aiming to re - launch so to speak in mid September.  I am starting to create layouts and travellers notepad layouts.  I'm planning content and my plan is  for scheduled posts on a more regular basis.

I want this blog to be a place of showing my creativity and a place that feels safe for me to share on social media and the facebook pages I am a member of.  I am going to put myself out their a little bit and be brave for once.

I want this blog to show myself I am capable of doing something creative and …

Merry Christmas

wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas time

Lots of Love

Lesley xx

Happy anniversary

Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful husband.

love you more as the years pass

love Lesley xxxxx

A fresh start

I am currently at ease with myself and the way my life is at present.

That is a huge statement for me to share and also a very long time coming.

The past few years have been really tough.  Life seemed to have totally gone off track.  My life felt off kilter and to a point not my own.  I suffered deeply with depression, had a crappy job, my relationship with my husband was at times very strained and I had become very insular and within myself.  Life felt hard and I suffered greatly.

I got a new job, and for a few months I hated it.  It didn't float my boat so to speak.  I thought I could do better.  I felt like I had taken a huge step backwards career wise, I was unhappy and felt broken.  But I suddenly had an AHA moment.  I realised that I could and should change my attitude towards it.  I didn't want to look for a new job as it had taken a while to find this one and I hated filling in application forms and going to interviews.  I didn't want to find a job where I would…

I'm back

It's been far too long.  But I'm back. Just checking in at the moment, but I'm going to start visiting again.  New attitude, new me, excited for the new journey I'm on.  Watch this space.

Love Lesley xxxxx

Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas

Photo taken by Lesley - Willow Christmas of 2008

wishing you all a very Merry Christmas 2016

Love from Pickle Land
Lesley, AJ, Kiwi, Willow and Eric xxx